PSB series

The PSB filter mats are used for intake air filtration in air-conditioning systems of all kinds, particularly for coarse dust arrestance or as a prefilter stage.

The PSB range comprises of

PSB / 145 S
PSB / 275 S
PSB / 290 S

?The mats are made of high performance nonwovens produced inhouse from elastic, break-resistant polyester fibers with thermal bonding.
??PSB/275 S and PSB/290 S are progressive in structure, with layers being arranged behind each other so as to ensure that the density of the fiber layers increases towards the clean air side. This optimizes the defined filter performance and the dust holding capacity, resulting in longer useful lifetime for the filter concerned.
Due to their high dust holding capacity and their resultant long useful lifetimes, PSB filter mats are particularly cost-efficient.
??All types of this series are especially effective in applications requiring stable arrestance in spite of high dust loading and high air flow rates.
?When used in exhaust air filtration, the advantage of the PSB series is that arrestance and dust holding capacity are very well harmonized.