Cleanrooms and Pharma Air Filters

Reliable for sterile air and cleanrooms

Multi-stage Viledon air filtration systems

High-tech demands maximum purity. The tightest manufacturing tolerances and absolute precision in the production of semiconductors or nanoprocessors can be achieved only under cleanroom conditions. The pharmaceutical industry also requires the same high demands on air purity in the production of pharmaceutical drugs and active ingredients. It uses special safety zones for certain production steps, protecting the product from contamination.

High air purity is the essential requirement for sensitive controlled technical processes. Cleanrooms are used as they ensure a low-particle or, when necessary, a low-germ environment. The multi-stage Viledon filter concept can filter particles and harmful germs from the air in a reliable and energy-saving way. The principle is simple and efficient: well-matched filter stages with Viledon air filters of various filter classes and designs.

Requirements for cleanrooms

Particularly strict regulations apply to cleanrooms. Airborne particles and germs must be reduced to an absolute minimum in order to protect highly sensitive products and processes.

Hygiene guidelines define clear specifications for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and units in sensitive application areas such as cleanrooms.